Mother-Daughter Designers: Deborah Kondelik and Amy Bain

The Jewelry Pad is a family business created to nurture the creative spirit and empower the spirit of design. Sharing the same aesthetic and passion for design, and with professional backgrounds in the visual and performing arts, their dream was to start a jewelry company together. COVID offered the perfect opportunity to launch The Jewelry Pad. Crafting their jewelry at home (i.e., at their “pad”), they lovingly make homemade, gender-neutral pieces that are unique and distinctive. One of their specialties is repurposing your loved ones' family heirloom jewelry.

They are dedicated to conducting their business in an honest, trustworthy, and ethical manner and strive to carry this mission through high-quality products and exceptional business practices. Giving back to the community is important to this team and they frequently partner with charitable organizations. Their belief is that everyone should have access to beautiful, affordable, and stylish jewelry.

The Jewelry Pad’s pieces are full of character and “out of the box” thinking. They love playing with color and combining stones, beads, and crystals into one-of-a-kind works of art. As writers, costume designers, and directors use fashion and jewelry all the time to show clues about a character, they created their jewelry collections based on six distinct Shakespearian characters.

What is your style?

Celebrating individuality, Deborah and Amy love guiding customers toward identifying their own style and finding the right accessories for their outfits. Don’t be shy about asking for advice.

Cheers to finding the perfect piece of jewelry! Have fun. Experiment with looks. Be bold.

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 “At a very young age, I was introduced to the world of music, theater and design by my mom. I was always fascinated and inspired by her ability to envision something before it takes any type of recognizable form to others!”

-          Amy Bain 


“My mother, Amy's grandmother, had impeccable taste and a keen eye for design. She was a painter, interior designer, and quite a collector of all things beautiful...from jewelry to clothing to pieces of art. It’s in our genes!”

-          Deborah Kondelik