Jewelry Makeovers

Have you ever received an heirloom?

“What’s an heirloom?” you may ask.

An heirloom is something of special value handed down from one generation to another. Your grandma's prized string of pearls could be an heirloom. And although a string of pearls may be beautiful and valuable, it may not be something you would wear. And so, it sits tucked away in a drawer.

What if . . . we were able to rejuvenate that string of pearls by rethinking the design, adding jewels, possibly decorative chain, or precious crystals, in order to create a fashionable, unique piece of jewelry that you absolutely adore? And more, importantly, that you will wear!

We can do that for you at The Jewelry Pad! When you wear that repurposed heirloom piece, you will always remember that significant parts of it were passed down by your special loved one whom you will remember each and every time you wear it.

Recently a woman discovered that The Jewelry Pad can customize jewelry. She had a gorgeous string of pearls from her mother. We began a conversation, exchanged photos of possible styles and colors until we agreed upon a chosen design. Below is a photo of the original pearls. Lovely, huh?


There were enough pearls to create a new necklace and even earrings, highlighted with our client's choice - garnet crystal beads. We were also able to create a necklace and earrings in a different design for her daughter-in-law. 


In the second example below, we took two necklaces owned by another client, non-heirlooms, and breathed new life into the project. We did this by revamping the two necklaces into one long necklace, adding crystals and a new toggle clasp and voilà! We restructured the various elements into a new necklace that thrilled our client!

 Before . . .


After . . .

 Repurposing, combining the old with the new, maintaining memories, and making our clients joyful – that’s what The Jewelry Pad is all about! Let us know if we can help you revamp your heirloom jewelry or any jewelry for that matter, into new necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and/or gifts for other family members. And your heirloom/jewelry need not be real pearls or jewels; we can use what you have and remake it into something stunning and special. Contact us today at or call/text at 954 805-2323. Let us start the conversation today! 

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