Multiple multi-colored necklaces, earrings and bracelets are displayed.

Bracelet, Earring, Necklace & Jewelry Set Pads

Choose from an array of colors, sizes, lengths and textures to find styles that suit you. Check out each of these pads in the above menu and discover one-of-a-kind jewelry for everyday wear, special events and for people of all ages! Join our mailing list today to receive updates on new collections and be the first to know about discounts, specials and markdowns.

Jewelry Set Pad
Two side by side photos demonstrating the redesigning of a turquoise and bronze necklace.

Memory Pad

Do you have a vintage necklace, bracelet, locket, cameo, or string of pearls that you never wear but want to keep forever or give as a gift?  A creative possibility is to make multiple pieces from one heirloom to be shared among siblings or friends.  Another way to breathe life into your cherished keepsakes, we can redesign necklaces into an armful of bracelets or restring them into new combinations!

Memory Pad
Two funky necklace/earring sets created from the odd beads in our inventory.

Odd Bead Pad

A personal favorite, the Odd Bead Pad has jewelry for sale that has been created from those special beads, crystals and gemstones that remained after creating pieces for our other collections. The Odd Bead Pad pieces have a more free-form style and appeal to those who like funky and eclectic jewelry.

Odd Bead Pad
Customized pink, cream and cranberry necklace made of Kazuri beads and bone with coordinating outfit.

Custom Pad

We will design distinctive pieces just for you. Go to CONTACT US to begin the process. We can create unique jewelry and recommend other accessories to enhance your ensemble. Or, we can customize jewelry for weddings, parties, and special events.

Custom Pad
Men's malachite choker with turquoise and coral trimmed Tibetan shell mosaic horn pendant.

Man Pad

Jewelry made with the man in mind. You can choose from our designs or we can collaborate with you to customize necklaces and bracelets in lengths and materials to suit you.

Man Pad










I loved working with Debby and Amy to redesign the jewelry my mom passed down to me.   I now have some unique and fashionable jewelry that is also so meaningful!

Miriam R.

It's been so difficult to find jewelry I like in my favorite color - yellow! Thank you Jewelry Pad for creating exactly what I've been looking for!

Rhonda P.

I didn't know what to get for my fiance's daughter.  It was sweet 16 birthday very important year.  You helped me make a necklace she liked alot!

Jorge T.

Make yourself at home and find your sparkle at the Jewelry Pad.