2022 Jewelry Trends

While jewelry has been on the minimalist side in 2021 we are excited about the trend in organic mixed-media elements and bold statement pieces that speak to us as designers. People are not afraid to make a statement with their jewelry choices in 2022.  

Get out your jewelry and find new combinations for your necklaces and bracelets. Mix up the styles or keep them, all the same, the options are endless.  Look through our collections to find the perfect addition to your jewelry stack. For example, we have our Demetrius Regal Ruby Red Necklace (see below). And below that we have our longer Jeweled Chain Necklaces (red& silver tone). These two would be stunning layered and worn together.

This trend has come and gone in the past but is back in a fun way in 2022. Don't be afraid to wear mismatched earrings! At the Jewelry Pad our mismatched earring are asymmetrical but with a balanced design! They are a terrific conversation starter.


OCEANIC ELEMENTS - Caliban & Miranda Collections
Beach-inspired jewelry has been on-trend. Our collections feature elements, such as, sea glass, shells, coral, and pearls, as well as wood, coconut, and seeds from the land.


Nature-Inspired BEADS - Titania Collection
Beadwork is more popular than ever with a variety of amazing bead styles and colors available. Her collection features many different nature, plant, insect, and animal motifs to compliment any outfit.


BOLD STATEMENTS - Touchstone Collection
Bold comes in a variety of ways this year from a unique jewelry stack, necklaces with a large accent pendant, bold primary colors, or oversized earrings. Our Black & White Touchstone collection takes bold to a new level.


GOTH INSPIRED - Tamora Collection
Inspired by dark obsessions and deep desires. Amethyst, obsidian, jade, agate, amber, dark metals, and other semi-precious gemstones are paired with features such as daggers and sword pendants.


JEWEL TONES - Demetrius Collection
Gold, bronze, electrum and silver were used along with lapis lazuli, malachite, ruby, emerald, onyx, obsidian and amethyst.


ONE OF A KIND - All Collections
Jewelry wearers are looking for unique jewelry that speaks to their personal style. We pride ourselves on creating one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that are inspired by the Shakespearean characters that make up our collections.

Visit our website and be inspired: [https://www.thejewelrypad.com/]

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