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The palette used by Greek and Roman painters include a range of jewel tones: reds, purple, blue, yellow, green, brown, white and black. Gold, bronze, electrum and silver were used along with lapis lazuli, malachite, ruby, emerald, onyx, obsidian and amethyst.

The Story That Inspired This Collection:

Demetrius is a character from Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. He is a classical Greek gentleman and a romantic. He is betrothed to Hermia but Hermia loves him not. Meanwhile, Helena loves Demetrius. Turmoil breaks out in the magical forest of fairies when the hobgoblin, Puck gets involved. Finally, all is well at the end and Demetrius and Helena find mutual love. The lovers in the play collectively represent the folly of romantic love and how easy it is to “fall in and out of love”.

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Tibetan Silver & Green Drop Earrings
  • $15.00
Silver & White Necklace with Stone Pendant and Bracelet Set
  • $45.00
Dark Blue Glass Pearl Necklace & Earrings Set
  • $30.00
Tantalizing Teal, Black & Silver Jewelry Set
  • $35.00
Red Venetian Glass Jewelry Set
  • $65.00
Turquoise & Copper Choker with Jasper Teardrop Pendant (Two Choices)
  • $40.00
Bold Turquoise & Gunmetal Necklace
  • $45.00
Red Coral Necklace with Tibetan Pendant
  • $60.00
Blue Aventurine & Sterling Silver Necklace
  • $75.00
White Jade Buddha Necklace
  • $50.00


Luminous Beaded Bracelet
  • $20.00
  • $15.00
Glorious Golden Agate Bracelet
  • From $20.00
Alluring Jasper Bracelet
  • $20.00
Royal Ruby Red Earrings
  • $25.00
Drop Earrings (Bronze Crystal)
  • $20.00
Drop Earrings (Orange & Coral)
  • $20.00
Triple Drop Earrings (Silver)
  • $25.00
Triple Drop Earrings (Amber & Yellow)
  • $25.00