Not Sure What to Do with Heirloom Jewelry?

What do you do with precious jewelry you inherited from a loved one that you will never wear because it is either "too old-fashioned" or "not your style"?  We have the perfect solution for you! 

At The Jewelry Pad, we can create new pieces that fit your style yet have jewelry elements from your loved one.  For example, we can take a pearl necklace apart, add crystals, gemstones or a pendant and make a brand new necklace in a length that suits you!  Sometimes we have made many pieces from one necklace so that you can give gifts to other family members or friends who knew the loved one.  When I wear a necklace created from my dear aunt's jewelry, I am reminded of all the love and good times that we shared.

Send us an email with pics of the piece you wish to have redesigned to or send a text to 954 805-BEAD (2323) to begin a conversation. 

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